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Everything Heals is an outstanding book written by an expert in the field of lifestyle medicine and wellness. Dr. Susana Adam’s empathy and passion for helping patients is channeled into this well-written and thorough self-help guide. Everything Heals teaches the reader how to leverage nature to prevent sickness and heal when sick.

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    Everything Heals takes a new track in providing insights into the preventative medicine and healing process. Instead of it being a medical fairytale, the process of what Dr Susana Adams is trying to help the reader accomplish is spelt out explicitly. Cogent cases examples are given that further clarify the healing interactions. These are in the setting of a holistic approach that also includes medicines, vitamins, and other supplements. Together, these provide an excellent road map toward wellness and longevity.”

    “Everything Heals is an insightful, accessible, powerful and revealing self-help guide for healing in which Dr Susana Adams artfully uses patients’ stories to illuminate the pathway to healthy living and longevity. Because this pathway shape sour daily struggle to stay healthy and happy, Everything Heals is not only a healing companion, but a valuable life companion as well.”

    “A sensitively written guidebook full of engaging encounter with patients and thoughtful action steps that empower readers to find solutions to difficult matters of their own health and well-being. This book is invaluable for anyone seeking relief from pain, sickness and challenges of healthy living.”

    This book definitely offers a lot of hope. I marveled and sighed repeatedly throughout Everything Heals, knowing that I was experiencing a rebirth as well as just feeling drawn into a new knowledge of how Nature has prepared and gifted humans with the elements they require to prevent sickness and heal when afflicted. The tips at the end of each chapter of the book are really insightful and allowed me to be really introspective in examining my lifestyle, and especially in determining whether or not to look into therapy for myself or my loved ones.”

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