An ultrasound scan is one of the most sought after for detecting internal buildups in the body. It is done with the aid of a hand transducer that sends pulses of sound waves in the tissues and blood vessels in the body, which in turn returns in the form of images to the affixed monitor.

Aside slight discomfort at the cold touch and pressure from the transducer, most ultrasound examinations are painless. Unlike an x-ray, there are no risks of exposure to background radiations with ultrasound imaging, yet it shows real time images of internal organs and affords the sonographer an avenue to monitor the flow of blood through the blood vessels.  It is completely safe for expecting mothers and individuals who experience abnormal pain or discomfort in the pelvic region and other sensitive parts of the body.

With increased usage in medical practice, these are various systems  for sound imaging or ultrasonography, there exists; 2D ultrasound or traditional ultrasound which is highly effective in evaluation of fetal anatomy; 3D ultrasound which allows internal anatomy to be visualized as 3D images and 4D ultrasound that shows real time motion of fetus. At Dr.PhysiQ Wellness Centre, we use a 4D SONOACE R7.

For emphasis, the common uses of ultrasound includes but are not limited to the following:

Providing real time images of the body’s internal organs such as the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys, uterus, spleen, ovaries, etc.

Examination of fetus in the womb

Examination of blood flow in the body (Doppler screening)

Evaluation of the thyroid gland and the testicles

For vascular and musculoskeletal studies


How do I prepare for ultrasound?

There are no dietary recommendations for an individual who is to have an ultrasound scan, however examinations of the pelvis, bladder, uterus, kidney, ovaries and early pregnancy require a full or distended bladder. Clients are usually tasked to drink at least 1 liter of water 30 minutes before the process, without urinating. To avoid contractions and gas in the stomach, clients billed for abdominal scans are required to abstain from food or drinks 8 hours before the exam.

A clear picture of tissues that are not visible on x-ray images is one of the many benefits of ultrasound imaging, it is also the most preferred for monitoring fetus in the womb.

Handled by a team of radio sonographers, the objective of ultrasound imaging is to aid in medical diagnosis at our center after necessary consultations are made with the resident medical doctor.

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