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Dr Physiq Centre for Wellness, Preventative Medicine and Lifestyle Change is a health and wellness outfit with a focus to ensuring the realization of optimal health capacity for every individual. Our centre is well equipped with licensed and highly qualified personnel who have developed comprehensive, integrated and clinically validated non-drug protocols and therapies, taking into account every measure possible for preventative and curative techniques (disease prevention), as opposed to Reactive Techniques (disease treatment), while being mindful that environmental factors, genetic predisposition, disease agents and choices affect healthy lifestyles.

Dr Physiq Centre also approaches the management of existing and confirmed health challenges differently. Our organic, integrated and natural protocols are designed to give Clients complete leverage over the control and management of their health. For each Client, the Centre has designed deliberate techniques and measures to rigorously track and monitor their health numbers and vital signs. This demystifies the complexities of the ailments and gives you complete control over its management. Emphasis is placed on natural method to achieve the overall goals.

All clinical analyses and evaluation are done in-house. Our Centre takes into account each component and factor at the core of your personal wellness, including your lifestyle, age, gender, and total medical history. Each comprehensive examination is customized to meet your specific health and wellness needs.

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