Blood Purification and Rejuvenation System (BPR-S)

BPR-S is an Oxygen Healing Therapy that involves the process of administering a mixture of medical grade. Ozone energizes all cells in your body & stops all CANCER CELLS. Oxygen-Ozone into your body to treat a wide range of medical conditions. As a result of how BPR-S healing therapy works, the body increases in metabolic efficiency, blood flow, and immune balancing. To some, this is a tremendous biohack, and to others it is a great way to fight cancer, or almost all auto-immune disease.

Cardiovascular Disease: Unlock a healthier heart with BPR-S! Our therapy is tailored to support cardiovascular health, enhancing blood circulation and oxygenation. Feel the vitality surge through your veins. Your heart deserves the best – choose BPR-S!

Chronic Hepatitis: Combat chronic hepatitis with the power of BPR-S! Our treatment targets the root cause, providing relief and promoting liver wellness. Take control of your health journey – choose BPR-S for a brighter, hepatitis-free tomorrow!

Lyme Disease: Don’t let Lyme Disease dictate your life. BPR-S is here to offer a helping hand. Activate your body’s defenses, filter out the intruders, and reclaim your vitality. Embrace a life free from Lyme with BPR-S therapy!

Diabetes: Transform your diabetes management with BPR-S! Our cutting-edge treatment focuses on optimizing blood composition, aiding in better glucose control. Say goodbye to constant worries – choose BPR-S for a balanced and healthier life.

Heavy Metal Detoxification: Detoxify and rejuvenate with BPR-S! Safely eliminate heavy metals from your system, restoring your body’s natural balance. Feel the purity within – choose BPR-S for a thorough detox and a revitalized you!

 Allergic Reactions: Bid farewell to allergies with BPR-S! Activate your immune system, filter out the triggers, and experience relief like never before. Reclaim your comfort and say yes to an allergy-free life with BPR-S therapy!


When you book an appointment for BPR-S therapy at Dr PhysiQ Global Health and Wellness Center, you can expect your blood to be drawn from one vein, passed through an BPR-S for activation, filtration, treatment, and oxygenated in stages, and then reintroduced to your body via another vein. The entire process takes approximately 45 mins to 1 hour to complete and it occurs within a closed system, eliminating the possibility of contamination.


If you think BPR-S could be the right treatment for you, talk to your physician and then speak to us about it. Kindly book an appointment at Dr PhysiQ Global Health and Wellness center, or if you have questions about any of our treatments.

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