General/Family Medicine

Welcome to our General/Family Medicine services at Dr. PhysiQ Wellness Centre. Our board-certified physicians specialize in comprehensive primary care, addressing the health needs of individuals and families across all ages. From routine check-ups to managing chronic conditions, our focus is on preventive care and building lasting doctor-patient relationships. Trust us as your partners in health, committed to providing personalized and accessible medical care.

Dr PhysiQ medicals
DR PhysiQ Facility

At Dr. PhysiQ, we are the preferred choice for General/Family Medicine due to our commitment to patient-centered care. Our experienced physicians build strong and lasting relationships with patients, fostering trust and understanding. We prioritize preventive care, ensuring that you receive regular screenings and proactive health management. With a focus on accessibility and personalized attention, Dr. PhysiQ Wellness Centre is your partner in achieving and maintaining optimal health for you and your family.

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